Using NOVA Labs

When you join NOVA Labs, you'­ll be actively participating in science. The data are real. The questions are real. The challenges you'­ll encounter are the same challenges that scientists and engineers are grappling with today. Whether you have 10 minutes, a few hours, or the time to stay involved for weeks or months, NOVA Labs provides a variety of opportunities for you to participate in the scientific process.

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Getting Started

The best way to start is to jump right into one of the Labs. You can learn how to predict solar storms in the Sun Lab, design renewable energy systems in the Energy Lab, track major storms in the Cloud Lab, design RNA molecules in the RNA Lab, defeat cyber attacks in the Cybersecurity Lab, and solve evolutionary puzzles in the Evolution Lab.

If you're new to these topics or want to learn more about the science behind them, each Lab provides a number of short, informative videos that cover the basics—key concepts, explanations of the technologies involved, and an overview of some of the most important questions and challenges in each field.

Join NOVA Labs

Creating an account will enhance your NOVA Labs experience. Once you sign up, you'll be able to track and save your progress as you watch videos, answer questions, and achieve goals in the research challenges. 

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Our Experts

As a member of the NOVA Labs community, you’ll have the opportunity to ask experts questions, propose your own ideas, and share your discoveries. You can also learn about the paths experts in the field took to their chosen careers and what a typical day on the job is like for them. If you want to start interacting right away, you can:

Learn about careers on our Meet the Experts page

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