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Temple of the Sun

Palenque Temple Before Palenque temple after
This photograph shows the Temple of the Sun at Palenque as it looked in 1889 when it was first photographed by Alfred Maudsley, an early English Mesoamerican archaeologist. The temple was built in the late seventh century. Two other temples very similar to this one were built nearby on the eastern side of the site.

This photograph shows the same temple in 1989. The temple was built on a stepped platform and consisted of an inner and outer vaulted room. Inside the inner room is a miniature version of the large temple. A relief tablet depicting text and images adorned this small temple. One of two men depicted on this tablet is the king known as Sun Lord 'Kan Bahlam' (or 'Snake-Jaguar') who ruled in the late seventh century.


Photo: (2) © Merle Greene Robertson, 1987.

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