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UNESCO World Heritage Center: Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization dubbed Machu Picchu a "Historic Sanctuary" in 1983. Since then, the government of Peru has been charged with maintaining it for future generations. See a gallery of images, video, and learn more at this website.
Kenneth Wright, who appears in "Ghosts of Machu Picchu," is one of the contributors to this website, which explores the role of water and hydrology systems in forming and maintaining human civilizations. Visit the site to learn about the Inca, Maya, Romans, and more.

All Empires: The Inca
Find out about the history of the Inca and other ancient empires at this collaborative website from the online history community.

GigaPan: Machu Picchu
At this website, you can see vast panoramas of Machu Picchu, taken by visitors to the Peruvian mountain city. GigaPan technology lets you zoom in on points of interest within your browser and explore the images in high-resolution detail.


Machu Picchu: Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas
by Richard L. Burger and Lucy C. Salazar (eds.). Yale University Press, 2008.

History of the Conquest of Peru
by William H. Prescott. Dodo Press, 2008.

Inca Land: Explorations in the Highlands of Peru
by Hiram Bingham. BiblioBazaar, 2007.

Tipon: Water Engineering Masterpiece of the Inca Empire
by Kenneth R. Wright, Gordon Francis McEwan, and Ruth M. Wright. American Society of Civil Engineers, 2006.

The Conquest of the Incas
by John Hemming. Mariner Books, 2003.

The Incas and Their Ancestors: The Archaeology of Peru
by Michael E. Moseley. Thames and Hudson, 2001.

Water and Power in Highland Peru: The Cultural Politics of Irrigation and Development
by Paul H. Gelles. Rutgers University Press, 2000.


"World Heritage Committee Requests Close Surveillance of Bordeaux, Machu Picchu, Timbuktu and Samarkand"
UNESCO News, July 10, 2008.

"Machu Picchu Ruin 'Found Earlier'"
by Dan Collyns. BBC News, June 6, 2008.

"Saving Machu Picchu"
by Whitney Dangerfield., May 1, 2007.

"Inca Show Pits Yale Against Peru"
by Hugh Eakin. The New York Times, February 1, 2006.

"Archaeology: Spiritual Retreat"
by Andrea Dorfman and Jeffrey Kluger. Time, February 24, 2003.,9171,1004284,00.html

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