Can the Bonobo Get the Apple?

  • Posted 02.19.08
  • NOVA

In this short video outtake, primatologist Brian Hare of Duke University tests whether a bonobo can figure out how to secure an apple slice perched seemingly just out of reach on a window sill.

Running Time: 00:55

This feature originally appeared on the site for the NOVA program Ape Genius.


Can the Bonobo Get the Apple?

Posted February 19, 2008

NARRATOR: At a sanctuary called Lola Ya Bonobo in the Congo, another great ape shows the same kind of sophistication that led to spear making at Fongoli. Victims of the pet trade, these bonobos now spend their days in a natural environment. Brian Hare of Duke University offers a puzzle to these forest-savvy bonobos. He places a slice of apple on a windowsill. If the bonobo reaches straight for it, he'll lock it down. Bonobos generally get the apple on their first try.



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