A Brain-Like Blob, a Real-Life Tractor Beam, and a Possible Painkiller Replacement: NOVA Next Week in Review

This Week’s NOVA Next Feature Article

To the nervous system, memories and chronic pain are strikingly similar. Can we use the same neurochemical technique to erase them both? NOVA’s AAAS Mass Media Fellow Eleanor Nelsen dives into attempts to come up with new treatments for pain that could reduce the need for addictive opioids.

In other news from NOVA and around the web:

  • The Ebola outbreak is now being called an international health emergency. Here’s a graphic from The New York Times.
  • Take a tour of the spectrum that begins with radio waves and takes you through microwaves, infrared radiation, light, and more.


Today's painkillers are based on well-known compounds like morphine and are often highly addictive.



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