The Wisdom of the Crowds, the Music in Your Skin, and the Flaws in Neuroscience Funding: NOVA Next Week in Review

This Week’s NOVA Next Feature Article

Haptic devices could soon revolutionize how we experience everything from music to motion pictures. NOVA Next contributor Sujata Gupta reports on the technology that will have us hearing with our skin.

emotichair voice coils
A closer look at the voice coils on the Emoti-Chair

In other news from NOVA and around the web:

  • The dozen or more photoreceptors on the eye of a peacock mantis shrimp act sort of like satellites.
  • Boston has confirmed four cases of the chikungunya virus. Learn how it’s rapidly advancing on other parts of the country.
  • In an open letter to the European Commission, 130 scientists have threatened to boycott the Human Brain Project.
  • The simple act of touching money can dull pain, researchers say.
  • The search for exoplanets is complicated. Some discoveries, it turns out, are just illusions. Others, though, are increasingly Earth-like and very real.
  • Raju the elephant cried after being rescued from captivity. Despite relief from physical harm, though, emotional trauma has long-lasting effects.
  • This extinct bird had a wingspan of up to 24 feet. So you have an image: that’s about equal to the height of a two-story building.
  • Scientists cleaning out a lab on the NIH campus found vials labeled “variola”—that is, smallpox.
  • Why “old book smell” has hints of vanilla.
  • A remote-controlled contraceptive chip developed by MIT could be available by 2018.


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