Metallic Hydrogen, DIY Microscopes, and Shapes: NOVA Next Week in Review

This Week’s NOVA Next Feature

A cadre of physicists working on the theory of shape dynamics could change our understanding of reality. NOVA Next contributor Dan Falk reports the story.

In other news:


To create a fifth phase of hydrogen, researchers squished hydrogen molecules (H2) between diamond anvils at some of the highest pressures ever produced in a lab.


What We’re Reading


    • Antarctic clouds are being studied for the first time in 50 years. [Nature News]
    • X-ray binary black holes kick out some low-level light. That means you might be able to see them from your backyard. [Gizmodo]
    • Brazil normally sees just several hundred cases of microcephaly each year. But in 2015, officials documented nearly 3,000. [Vox]
    • The U.S. government is filing a lawsuit against Volkswagen. [The Verge] 
    • California is in a state of emergency over a methane leak just outside of L.A. [BBC News]


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