Elemental Bloopers

  • Posted 03.29.12
  • NOVA

Host David Pogue had his fair share of comic mishaps on the set of NOVA's "Hunting the Elements." Watch as David generally wreaks havoc on some of the most high-tech labs in the country, and makes even the most serious scientists laugh in the process.

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Posted: March 29, 2012

SCIENTIST 1: So we've just done our little test in the tank there. And what we're going to do now.

DAVID POGUE: That was just for the blooper reel. We like to get some material.

DAVID POGUE: Commence the glass-breaking test. I wasn't ready.

DAVID POGUE: Luke, I'm your father.

SCIENTIST 2: Yeah, I'm your father. I know, I know.

DAVID POGUE: I understand that this is where the disease mono first evolved.

SCIENTIST 3: It did indeed. Settled into the lymph nodes of a woman named Monisha.

SCIENTIST 1: I'm gonna flip it upside down and put it in a state of tonic immobility. You just let her go.

DAVID POGUE: Fly, be free! Oh, great she's stuck that way.

DAVID POGUE: Why is it that our lungs are not exploding out of our chest?

SCIENTIST 2: Because what you're breathing is N2 and O2. Not NO3, because that will kill you.

DAVID POGUE: So that would be, would be.

SCIENTIST 4: That will kill you David. You would die. You wouldn't be able to talk anymore.

DAVID POGUE: What are you suggesting?

SCIENTIST 4: So we set up all the mousetraps here and we put ping-pong balls on each one of those mousetraps. It simulates a nuclear chain reaction.

DAVID POGUE: And that's a nuclear chain reaction, folks.

DAVID POGUE: Suppose I were to ask you a question, what would your answer be?

SCIENTIST 5: My question, my answer would be entirely dependent on the question.

DAVID POGUE: Well, see that's the problem with scientists.

SCIENTIST 5: Well, that's the problem with conversation.

DAVID POGUE: I just finished a book today. 900 pages and just about dead.

SCIENTIST 6: Why don't you get that package up by the table here, then we can talk about that one.

DAVID POGUE: He played a trick on me.

DAVID POGUE: Should I worry that my gloves are on fire?

DAVID POGUE: Can I go back to writing technology reviews?

DAVID POGUE: You're a guy.

SCIENTIST 2: Oh really?

SCIENTIST 2: I don't want to hear about your parents.

SCIENTIST 2: That way, dumb ***

DAVID POGUE: You're calling this glass?

SCIENTIST 7: That is glass.

DAVID POGUE: This is, this is plastic dude. I can make a paper airplane out of this.

SCIENTIST 7: Au contraire. It is not at all, it is glass. So there are, there are limits.

DAVID POGUE: I don't think that was supposed to happen.

SCIENTIST 8: We just bought this.

DAVID POGUE: We have a little problem. The funnel fell in the fake pee and splashed me.



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