Do We Live in a Multiverse?

  • By Greg Kestin
  • Posted 10.09.14
  • NOVA

Could parallel universes exist? If so, what would they look like and how would they form?

Running Time: 05:02



Produced, animated, and edited by
Greg Kestin
Editorial help from
Kate Becker, Anna Rothschild, and Lauren Aguirre
Written and researched by
Greg Kestin
A special thanks to:
Andrew Friedman
Original Footage
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(Night Music, Air Prelude, Not as it Seems, and Comfortable Mystery 3)
Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY 3.0


(main image: multiverse animation)
© WGBH Educational Foundation 2014
Courtesy National Science Foundation
(Big Bang, Galaxies, and Cosmic Web)
Courtesy NASA


Many physicists believe there is a strong connection between the inflationary multiverse and an important feature of string theory; for more see "Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse?"
Although there is not yet evidence favoring the quantum multiverse over several other interpretations of quantum mechanics, it is still consistent with the results of every quantum experiment ever conducted.

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