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July 10, 2007: Credits

Web Site Credits

Lauren Aguirre, Executive Editor
Rima Chaddha, Assistant Editor
Brenden Kootsey, Senior Web Developer
David Levin, Assistant Editor
Susan K. Lewis, Editor
Audrey Resutek, Web Intern
Melissa Salpietra, Editorial Assistant
Peter Tyson, Editor in Chief
Anya Vinokour, Senior Designer
Li Wei, Designer

Photo and Image Credits


Sleep hub page
Image: (bed) © Chris Collins/CORBIS

The Sleep-Memory Connection
Images: (sleeping girl) © Dan Lepp/Etsa/CORBIS; (brain waves) adapted from image © 1995 Jaakkoo Malmivuo & Robert Plonsey/; (brain) © Kirklys; (coffee) Wilke; (PET scans) adapted by permission from MacMillan Publishers Ltd: Nature Neuroscience/Maquet, P., et al. (2000). "Experience-Dependent Changes in Cerebral Activation During Human REM Sleep. Nature Neuroscience 3, 831-836. © 2000; (eye) © Gouin/Gouin Photography; (fingers on keyboard) © Friis-Larsen; (word pairs) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (maze) © van Vaerenbergh

Test Yourself
Images: (fingers typing) ©

Video Extra
Image: (fruit fly animation) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation


CERN hub page
Image: (CERN component) Courtesy David Sington/DOX Productions

The Big Deal
(Stephon Alexander) Courtesy Stephon Alexander; (Janet Conrad) Courtesy Janet Conrad; (Peter Fisher) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (Sheldon Glashow) © Boston University; (Meenakshi Narain) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (Lisa Randall) Courtesy Harvard University; (Dave Wark) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

Video Extra
Image: (hair dryer animation) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation


Emergence hub page
Image: (fish) © Stephen Frink/CORBIS

Everyday Examples
Image: (starlings) © Jensen/In Situ Foto; (ants) © Lingbeek-van Kranen; (slime mold) © Knight; (wave) © Freund/David G. Freund Photography; (hurricane) Courtesy Hal Pierce, Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; (city) © Swartz; (stock market) © Charles O'Rear/CORBIS; (chess board) © Mansi/; (statue with gears) © Comstock Select/CORBIS; (baby) © Tom Grill/CORBIS

Video Extra
Image: (newspaper animation) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

Profile: Julie Schablitsky

Profile: Julie Schablitsky hub page
Image: (Julie Schablitsky) Courtesy Carla Denly

Traces of the Donner Party
Part 1 Images: (late 1870s historical account) Courtesy Domain; (1847 newspaper, excavation site) Courtesy Julie Schablitsky; (Donner party survivors) Courtesy California State Parks, Sutter's Fort Archives; (Elitha Donner) The Expedition of the Donner Party and its Tragic Fate by Eliza P. Donner Houghton

Part 2 Images: (James and Margret Reed, William George Murphy, Sarah Keyes, Mary Murphy with daughter and niece) Courtesy California State Parks, Sutter's Fort Archives; (1845 Emigrants' Guide) Courtesy Julie Schablitsky; (period wagon train); Courtesy Denver Public Library; (blizzard strikes the wagon train) Courtesy Domain

Part 3 Images: (all) Courtesy Julie Schablitsky

Part 4 Images: (Julie Schablitsky with ceramic shard, plate and cup shards, writing slate fragment, glass, iron, and bone artifacts, excavating the hearth) Courtesy Julie Schablitsky; (period wagon train) Courtesy of the Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco, Gift of Florence V. Flinn

Part 5 Images: (Donner Party members and recovered bone, bone fragments, oxen bone, bone fragments, bone with pot polish, cut marks on butchered bone) Courtesy Julie Schablitsky; (bone microstructures) Courtesy Gwendolyn Robbins/Appalachian State University; (winter in the Sierras) Courtesy of the Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco, Gift of Florence V. Flinn

Part 6 Images: (Alder Creek site, researching historical documents) Courtesy Julie Schablitsky; (George Donner Jr., period lithograph, "Camp of Death") Courtesy California State Parks, Sutter's Fort Archives; (Elitha Donner) The Expedition of the Donner Party and its Tragic Fate by Eliza P. Donner Houghton

Video Extra
Image: (Donner party animation) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation

Ask the Expert

Images: (Matt Walker) Courtesy Matt Walker; (Peter Fisher) Courtesy Peter Fisher; (John Holland) Courtesy John Holland; (Julie Schablitsky) Courtesy Carla Denly

Program Participants

Images: (all except Julie Schablitsky) © NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation; (Julie Schablitsky) Courtesy Carla Denly

Production Credits


Edited by
Dick Bartlett

Written, Produced and Directed by
Julia Cort


Edited by
David Fairhead & Dan McCabe

Written and Produced by
David Sington and Julia Cort

Directed by
David Sington


Produced and Edited by
Vincent Liota

Julie Schablitsky Profile

Edited by
Stephen Mack

Produced by
Carla Denly & Beth Nissen

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Executive Editor
Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Vincent Liota

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Vinita Mehta

Senior Editor
David Chmura

Post Production Supervisor
Win Rosenfeld

Unit Manager
Candace White

Associate Producers
Sarah Kinsella
Anthony Manupelli
Shimona Shahi

Production Assistant
Alison Snyder

Production Secretary
Fran Laks

Brian Edgerton

Yunsik Noh

James Ball
Mike Coles
Mark Daniels
Brian Dowley
Bill McMillan
Clive North

Sound Recordists
John Cameron
Nicolas Dalban
Paul Flinton
Bill Heinlein
George Hitchins
Kevin Meredith
Keith Rodgerson
Ted Roth
Josh Tallo

Audio Mix
Jim Sullivan

Jim Ferguson

Vincent Liota
Steve Popplewell

Additional editing for CERN segment
Paul Dawe
Kevin Hanna

Rob Morsberger

Production Manager for CERN Segment
Selina Kay

NOVA scienceNOW series animation

Three dimensional brain animation
Courtesy Dr. Arthur W. Toga, Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at UCLA.

Archival Material
Eric Bailey, Copyright, 2005, Los Angeles Times. Reprinted with permission.
The Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc.
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California Historical Society, FN-25345
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Steve Mitchell, emedia
New York Philharmonic
Courtesy Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, 2006
Oxford Scientific (OSF)
Torleif Svensson/CORBIS
Truckee Donner Historical Society
Vancouver Public Library, Special Collections

Special Thanks
David Deamer
Marco Antonio Delgado Mayordomo
Alison North – The Rockefeller University Bio-Imaging Resource Center

Neil deGrasse Tyson is director of the Hayden Planetarium in the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History.

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Scott Kardel, Esq.
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Patrick Carey

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Regina O'Toole

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Rebecca Nieto

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Nathan Gunner

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Joseph P. Tracy

Producers, Special Projects
Susanne Simpson
Lisa Mirowitz

Coordinating Producer
Laurie Cahalane

Senior Science Editor
Evan Hadingham

Senior Series Producer
Melanie Wallace

Managing Director
Alan Ritsko

Senior Executive Producer
Paula S. Apsell

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