Bad News and Uncertainty

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Thanks very nice topic

interestingly blog, could you update offten? :-p


working hard to get this website goign smoothly on my pentium 66 but it won't work.

Greetings from Russia

Just wished to say hi there and let you know that I have been coming right here for many years, generally lurking in the shadows and not necessarily speaking my head. Well its time to pay my own dignity and tell you and your family, as a standard reader that Simply put i truly appreciate your own webpage and wish you continue on this particular spiritual voyage of words and phrases. Greetings coming from everyone

This is useful! How did you learn about this when you were getting started?

how do i get to his birth day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I do not agree at a point or two whilst the rest appears fine.

Love this.


Save the universe put a seat belt on it.

Where did the 'What if?" Black hole video go? I wanted to forward it to my friend Marina Orlova of and Youtube in hopes that she might add the word "spaghettification"


How do I download cosmic perspective or what if for use in my classroom?