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Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance
Mapping Terra Incognita
Royal Geographical Society report, Antarctic Exploration: A Plea for a National Expedition (1898), map by John Murray
Murray map

The grail of the Antarctic continent having lost its luster, HMS Challenger set forth in 1872 on a scientific mission with no geographic aspirations. Geological evidence that proved the existence of a great southern continent went unremarked, except by biologist John Murray, who hoped to revive the questing spirit that fired Captain Cook. In 1893, his impassioned plea to the Royal Geographical Society in London spurred the British National Antarctic Expedition, led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott. Murray's map, published in the RGS journal in 1894 and in his report of 1898, detailed contemporary knowledge on the brink of the heroic age of exploration.
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James Clark Ross (1845) | Royal Geographical Society (1898)
United States Geological Survey (1999)

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