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Shackleton's Route

Map of South Georgia Sea

Shackleton's Actual Route
Position Latitude Longitude

Crew departs whaling station 54°S 36°W
Ship enters pack ice 57°S 25°W
Ship still in heavy pack ice 62°S 18°W
Ship still in heavy pack ice 70°S 16°W
Ship stuck in ice 77°S 30°W
Ship stuck in ice 78°S 42°W
Ship crushed by ice 69°S 53°W
Crew drifts on ice floes 66°S 53°W
Small boats launched 62°S 54°W
Boat journey to Elephant Island 61°S 55°W
Boat journey to South Georgia 57°S 45°W
Crew reaches whaling station 54°S 37°W

Note: This route approximates Shackleton's Journey.

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