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Trevor Potts
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On October 31/November 1, 1999, the expedition team was forced to seek emergency shelter overnight at Stromness whaling station in South Georgia, when a severe gale brought winds peaking at 108 mph. The following entry was found in a notebook left in the shelter in Stromness, recording Trevor Potts' thoughts on arriving in South Georgia after his 800-mile open boat journey:

8:08 p.m. 8th January 1994 (Arrive Stromness)

In the Wake of Shackleton Expedition
Elephant Island to South Georgia 24/12/93—5/1/94

Robert Egeltate
Chris Smith
Trevor Potts
Vic Brown

In the Wake of Shackleton Expedition left 24/12/93 Elephant Island in a 23'10" replica of the James Caird (not quite the same size and hull shape, same rig but much more cozy inside but still very basic). Arrived at Elsihall on 5 January as we could not get into King Haakon Bay because of a gale. Called in at Sitka Cove and Leith. Left to do Shackleton's crossing both ways, not surprising we did not make it. The stream of the Koenig [Glacier] only knee deep. Camped on the edge of the Fortuna [Glacier] 10/1/94.

11/1/94 very wet and poor visibility, made only a few miles and camped on the edge of the Crean Glacier. And very wet and heavy going, turned back 12/1/94, dropped down the moraine on the snout of the glacier that enters Fortuna Bay off the Fortuna Main Glacier. Camped in the cove on the beach.

13/1/94 crossed the stream off the Koenig a bit deeper and very fast, not a pleasant experience. Chris nearly ruined a perfectly hideous pair of underpants with fear. Arrived back here to find Vic has made a good job of tidying and cleaning the boat after two weeks at sea. Off to Husvik then Grytviken.
Trevor Potts.

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