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Set 3, posted October 19, 1998

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Dear Howard and Michele,
My Dad would like to get my 2nd grade class to ask you questions about your filming of the hammerhead sharks. For now, are there lots of sharks on this trip? Love, Torrey

Torrey Close

Response from Howard Hall:

Dear Torrey:
Thank you for your e-mail. We will be here at Cocos Island for another three days. Then we will begin the long trip home. We see sharks every day and on every dive. We have filmed white-tip sharks, black-tip sharks, silky sharks, hammerhead sharks, and silver-tip sharks. We have so many sharks in our film now that I don't see how there can be room for more. So today we spent most of our time filming little butterflyfish. I'm looking forward to seeing you in about a week and going surfing with your dad. Save some wrapping paper for me. Your friend, Howard

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