The Impossible Is Possible

  • By Arlo Perez
  • Posted 02.14.18
  • NOVA

Pilot André Borschberg reflects on his experience achieving what seemed impossible.

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The Impossible Is Possible

Published February 15, 2018

André Borschberg: I think this was the fundamental goal of solar impulse—to show that the impossible is possible. That very often, the barriers are not with the technology, but the barriers are within ourself.

So, our goal today, and that's the goal of my partner, Bertrand, is to bring thousands solutions in the world of clean technologies.

To make our world more efficient, and solutions that are economically viable—to show the political world that we don't have to wait to develop more technologies to tackle the question of climate change.

No, to use what we have available as the solutions that will work. So, I hope this airplane demonstrates this potential.



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