Inside a Solar Plane Flight

  • By Arlo Perez
  • Posted 05.16.18
  • NOVA

Pilot André Borschberg describes how it feels to fly in a plane entirely powered by the sun.

Running Time: 00:57


The Impossible Is Possible

Published May 16, 2018

André Borschberg: Solar Impulse is an incredible airplane to fly. Of course a jet is very stimulating because of the speed. Solar Impulse is exciting because of the way you get your energy.

You look in the sky—you see this Sun, you see the Sun rays, and just thinking that these Sun rays hitting the wing makes you fly, makes you climb to the altitude of the airliners, gives you the possibility to fly through the night and continue flying another day, another day. Almost without any limits. That’s an incredible feeling.

So And it’s a gift to be in this airplane. There is no noise. You fly with nature, you fly within nature, you fly together with nature. And it’s a gift—to be in this airplane.”



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