Bathing with the "Car Talk" Guys

  • Posted 04.22.08
  • NOVA

Taking a break from their investigative reporting for "Car of the Future," Tom and Ray Magliozzi check out the waters of Iceland's Blue Lagoon. See at least one of the brothers bare his chest in the icy north. (Guess which one.)

Running Time: 01:23

This feature originally appeared on the site for the NOVA program Car of the Future.


Bathing with the "Car Talk" Guys

Posted April 22, 2008

RAY: One of the side benefits of having a geothermal power plant is that you get the runoff from the thing and you get this beautiful lagoon, here. This is the Blue Lagoon and it's one of Iceland's biggest attractions. So, what do you say, you ready for a dip, ya dip?

TOM: Yeah, I'm ready. Go ahead.

RAY: (laughing) Well, come on.

TOM: I'm freezing! Get outta here!

RAY: Well, if you're not gonna go, I'm gonna go.

TOM: You are?

RAY: I am. You ready? (both laughing)

TOM: Go ahead, man. (laughing) See ya later.

He's crazy. He's my brother and I love him. There must be twenty, thirty, fifty, a hundred people in this water. What are they thinking?

RAY: For industrial runoff, it ain't bad. It's pretty warm.

TOM: It's hot?

RAY: It's actually hot, but it's not uncomfortably hot, it's refreshingly hot, considering how cold the air is. And when I come out, I want that hat.

TOM: (laughing) Yeah, when you come out.

RAY: I'm not coming out. You can do the rest of the documentary by yourself. See ya.

TOM: You're gonna come out sooner or later. (laughing) He always has been the crazy brother.



Courtesy Joe Seamans/© WGBH Educational Foundation

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