An Interview With Steve Jobs

  • Posted 10.12.11
  • NOVA

On May 14, 1990, the late Steve Jobs gave NOVA one of the few videotaped interviews he ever permitted. In this raw footage, you'll see how articulate and passionate Jobs is. You'll see him recall personal memories, like the time when Apple introduced the breakthrough Macintosh computer at its 1984 shareholders meeting and "the first few rows of Mac folks were all just crying." Most strikingly, you'll see how amazingly prescient Jobs was. "In the 1990s we're going to revolutionize human-to-human communication using these desktop computers" he says at one point. At another, he notes that "multimedia, the ability to integrate sound and video with the computer, is absolutely coming." Here, watch a remarkably candid interview with one of the computer industry's greatest visionaries.

Running Time: 50:11



Produced by
Robert Hone and John Palfreman
Executive Producer
John Palfreman
A BBC-TV/WGBH Boston Co-Production

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