Get Involved: "Making Stuff"

  • Posted 09.05.13
  • NOVA

The "Making Stuff'" outreach campaign offers a variety of opportunities for "makers" of all ages to explore how scientific discovery and engineering lead to innovation. How can you or your institution get involved this fall and winter?

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Apply to become an official NOVA "Making Stuff" site. Enlarge Photo credit: © 2013 WGBH Educational Foundation


Join organizations around the country and help kids and students "make" stuff wilder, colder, faster, and safer around Engineering Week in February 2014.

75 sites will receive a free "Making Stuff" Project Box packed with supplies and resource materials for several hands-on activities and design challenges. Official sites will also receive branded materials and personal support from NOVA Education. To learn more about what's involved watch a video introduction to the project or download a detailed project overview.

Interested in becoming an Official NOVA "Making Stuff" Outreach Site? Submit an application on behalf of your organization by September 27, 2013 to be considered. You'll be notified of your application status by early October.

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Bring conversations about innovation to your community and host a science café. Enlarge Photo credit: © 2013 WGBH Educational Foundation


Do you want to bring conversations about innovation and engineering to your community or existing Science Café series? Consider organizing an "Innovation Café" and be 1 of 40 national events scheduled to take place during the broadcast of "Making Stuff" in the fall of 2013. Learn more.

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Find a "Making Stuff" event near you. Enlarge Photo credit: © iStockphoto


Interested in attending an Innovation Café? Check out our map to see if there's an event in your area.

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