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NOVA Online: Top Gun Over Moscow (see bottom of page for navigation)
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Inside the Cockpit

To view the video, choose a QuickTime or AVI file. You'll need the free QuickTime plugin to view the QuickTime files. Note: all of the clips are silent.

River Flyby
QuickTime (4.3 MB)
AVI (4.3 MB)

Eject Test
QuickTime (1.4 MB)
AVI (1.4 MB)

Cloud Spin
QuickTime (0.5 MB)
AVI (0.5 MB)

Paris Air Show Crash
QuickTime (2.3 MB)
AVI (2.3 MB)

G-Force Face
QuickTime (1 MB)
AVI (1 MB)

Low Rollover
QuickTime (2.6 MB)
AVI (2.6 MB)

(click here for the text of the video narrations)

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