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OK, NOVA, what's with the Russian Hero stuff? Some of the air footage was significant. But... why all the hype about the Ruskie AF? Was there a political agenda here? The show was the most canted, one-sided, bunch of BS regarding relative strength of U.S. vs. Russian Tactical air power I've ever heard. Let's get the facts straight next time!

Meloufek, ex U.S.A.F. fighter pilot, AO3035988


As a longtime member of the US government, I have spent a lot of my time analyzing a wide variety of "threats" to our country. Today, as when I first began my job, many in the circles I travel never look farther than the technology of an adversary—and very rarely at the human element behind it. I can only hope that other members of the US Government watched "Top Gun Over Moscow," in order to remind themselves of the faces behind the aircraft which the Russians are flying today. Technology is not the threat, the person behind it is. Hats off again to another well presented episode of NOVA!

M. Roland Walczak
Columbia, MD


Very enjoyable program. But with discrepancies not evident to the layman. It might seem to a Frogfoot pilot that it takes 30 minutes for an American pilot to strap into his bird and then only with the help of many. But I don't know any of these people. I DO know that it took me only one minute to have my F15 rolling out of the barn and on my way to take off. And without anybody helping me to strap in. And why doesn't NOVA sponsor a REAL American fighter pilot such as myself to go to Russia and then see what happens in a SU-27 or 35? I will be happy to go!

Kimo Kelly
Kaneohe, Hawaii


NOVA's special on the Russian airforce was both entertaining & informative. I was able to visit the Russian air museum at Monino and was shocked at the condition of the airbase alongside the museum. Pieces of planes scattered about with grass growing through cracks in the runway. The Russian airmen didn't seemed to be bothered by any of of this, but were wearing their uniforms with pride as though they were on top of the world. With Russia's continuing economic collapse, how long will it all last?

Nick Wahoff
Pickerington, Ohio


My congratulations and thanks for an absolutely top drawer NOVA episode on Russian aviation. Jeff Ethell, the moderator, was tremendously interesting and made the show personal, insightful, and fun. The video sequences were exhilarating, and the Russians themselves appearred warm and human. Nice job!

William S. Grabowski
Bellevue, WA


The show was very interesting and informative, with great visual effects. A couple of quibbles, though. You left the impression that the MiG-15 bested the F-86 in Korea. In fact, the victory:loss ratio was 4:1 in favor of American pilots. All 49 American aces in that war flew F-86's. Also, you reported that the Russian pilots boasted that they fought all their battles at home, in defense of the motherland. An aside about the many proxy wars the Soviet Union fought, sending thousands of "advisers" and Cuban surrogates would not have been uncalled for.

Bruce Thompson
Marietta, Ga


As an aeronaut and an aviation flight nurse who has hovered at the end of a military runway at 10,000 feet above sea level and watching a group of F14 Fighter jets take off with afterburners aglow and reach my eye level in a few short second, a short distance away. thanks for sharing that awe of eye. A wonderful show reminding one again of the precious history of aviation and the subsequent lives given for it's development and refinement. To be reminded that they fly faster than the sun sets...

Patrick Rose
Oakland, CA

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