The Latest: August 2012

Coming Soon on FRONTLINE

We hope you’ve had a good summer. Here at FRONTLINE, we’ve been busy teeing up a fall schedule of films … Continue reading (read more »)

Government / Elections / Politics
Court Rules Florida’s Early Voting Restrictions are Discriminatory

Voter ID laws aren't the only new restrictions that might affect turnout in November. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Deadlines Loom To Bring Financial Crisis Cases

For nearly five years, federal regulators have struggled to successfully prosecute Wall Street banks or executives for alleged misconduct during the financial crisis. Now, time may be running out. (read more »)

Government / Elections / Politics
Voting Battles in Key Swing States: A Cheat Sheet

Courts are expected to rule on two key cases this week. Here's what you need to know. (read more »)

Criminal Justice
Texas Arson Review Yields A Handful of Questionable Cases

How many Texans are in prison for arson fires that, in fact, were accidents? (read more »)

Why News Corp.Took A Nearly $3 Billion Write-Down This Year

Its less profitable publishing arm was largely to blame, as you can see in our updated graphic which shows how News Corp. makes its money. (read more »)

Afghanistan / Pakistan
Captured Militant Reaffirms Role of Pakistan in Mumbai Attacks

Zabiuddin Ansari's statements to Indian police have reinforced evidence of Pakistani intelligence's role in a terror plot that killed six Americans at the same time Pakistan was receiving billions of dollars in U.S. aid. (read more »)

Criminal Justice
More Deaths Go Unchecked as Autopsy Rate Falls to “Miserably Low” Levels

Nearly 7,000 people die each day in the United States, and according to a new report, there remains a critical shortage of experts trained to determine their cause of death. (read more »)

Social Issues
Despite Show of Support, Federal Funding Ban on Needle Exchange Unlikely to Be Lifted Anytime Soon

Even though studies show that needle-exchange programs help to reduce the spread of HIV, the stigma that surrounds them is hard to shake. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Law Students: Need a Job? Watch FRONTLINE

This is the worst job market for lawyers in nearly two decades, according to the National Association for Law Placement. But the … Continue reading (read more »)

New Lawsuits in High School Football Deaths

Last summer, Isaiah Laurencin and Don’terio J. Searcy, two high school football players, died after practicing in high temperatures. Now, … Continue reading (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Neil Barofsky on the “Broken Promises” of the Bank Bailouts

The former TARP inspector general on why the American people "should be enraged by the broken promises to Main Street and the unending protection of Wall Street." (read more »)



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