The Latest: December 2012

Concussion Watch: Week 16 Roundup

Through the first 15 weeks of the NFL season, roughly 10 players per week suffered a concussion. Teams appeared to outdo that pace this past weekend as at least 12 players left games due to possible head injuries. (read more »)

Happy New Year from FRONTLINE

As we approach 2013, we wanted to get a sense of which FRONTLINE films were your favorites in the past … Continue reading (read more »)

Afghanistan / Pakistan
Family of Mumbai Attack Victims Dealt Blow in Lawsuit

Earlier this week the State Department announced that two former Pakistani intelligence directors are immune from the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the families of Americans killed in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. (read more »)

Social Issues
Fourteen Years Later, Looking Back at a School Shooting

More than a decade ago, FRONTLINE set out to understand what turned Kip Kinkel, a troubled young man, into a killer. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Peter Madoff Sentenced for Role in Brother’s Ponzi Scheme

Peter Madoff was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Thursday for his role in the multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme orchestrated by his older brother, Bernie Madoff. (read more »)

Interactive: Tracking Climate Change on Mt. Everest

Mountaineer & filmmaker David Breashears has created a stunning interactive image that lets you explore Mt. Everest in intimate detail and compare changes for yourself. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
OSHA Investigating Worker Death at McWane Foundry

The foundry is owned by McWane Inc., the Alabama conglomerate that in 2003 became the focus of a FRONTLINE investigation on workplace safety. (read more »)

Social Issues
One Violence “Interrupter’s” Advice for President Obama

We talked to CeaseFire's Tio Hardiman about what he'd tell the president's new commission on gun violence. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
Why Soldiers Keep Losing to Suicide

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a toll — but most service members who take their lives have never been deployed. What's going on? (read more »)

FRONTLINE Wins Two duPont-Columbia Awards for Excellence

Two FRONTLINE films have been awarded 2013 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University silver batons for excellence in broadcast and digital news. … Continue reading (read more »)

Government / Elections / Politics
How Conservatives “Reinvented” the Second Amendment

While conventional wisdom suggests that an individual's right to bear arms is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution, it is, in fact, a relatively recent interpretation, according to New Yorker writer and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. (read more »)

Criminal Justice
Report: Pardon Attorney Misrepresented Facts to White House in Clarence Aaron Case

According to a new report from the DOJ inspector general, U.S. Pardon Attorney Ronald L. Rogers failed to accurately share key information in the case of Clarence Aaron, whose story we told in our 1999 film "Snitch." (read more »)

Concussion Watch: Week 15 Roundup

Week 15 of the NFL season saw at least seven players removed from games because of possible head injuries, however, two players were allowed back onto the field after appearing to sustain a concussion. (read more »)

Criminal Justice
NOPD Conviction Overturned in Post-Katrina Shooting

A federal appeals court said David Warren, who shot Henry Glover, deserves a new trial. (read more »)

Social Issues
What’s Obama’s Record on Gun Control?

Obama has expanded gun rights during his presidency so far. Will his new call to action bring any change? (read more »)

Government / Elections / Politics
Montana to Probe Dark Money Group’s Link to Campaigns

The dark money group from Citizens United is under investigation in Montana for illegally coordinating with political campaigns. (read more »)

NFL’s Progress On Concussions Blurred By Inconsistencies

An analysis of the NFL's concussion guidelines by FRONTLINE and ESPN has revealed an array of inconsistencies in how the league tracks, treats and even describes serious head injuries. (read more »)

Inside the Numbers: Counting Concussions in the NFL

The reported number of NFL players with concussions this season is on pace to increase more than 9 percent from last year, to an average of nearly nine per week. (read more »)

Concussion Watch: Week 14 Roundup

After three straight weeks in which the number of officially reported head injuries reached the double digits, teams appeared to experience a sharp drop in concussions during Week 14 of the NFL season. (read more »)

FRONTLINE Nominated for 7 Writers Guild Awards

Seven Frontline documentaries have been nominated for the 2013 Writers Guild of America Awards, including six films in the category of current events documentary. (read more »)

DHS to Adopt New Rules on Immigration Detention Abuse

Immigrants detained in facilities run by the Homeland Security department are a step closer to having the same protections from abuse as other inmates in the U.S., nearly a year after a government investigation found troubling allegations of sexual abuse in some facilities. (read more »)

Researchers Discover 28 New Cases of Brain Damage in Deceased Football Players

That brings the total to 50 confirmed cases of a degenerative brain disease found in former NFL, college and high school players. But some critics question whether the scientists are overstating their findings. (read more »)



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