The Latest: January 2014

NFL Concussions: The 2013-14 Season In Review

The 2013-14 season was supposed to be the year the NFL put its concussion crisis behind it. Instead, it may now be remembered as the year the taboo around football head injuries was all but erased. (read more »)

Government / Elections / Politics
More Politicians Accused of Illegal Collusion with Dark-Money Group

WTP may have illegally colluded with at least nine candidates in 2010, Montana’s political practices commissioner says, in the latest revelations about the dark-money group's activities. (read more »)

Coming in February on FRONTLINE

This February, three new FRONTLINE films will explore three big -- and very different -- questions. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
The Martoma Trial: Five Things We’ve Learned So Far

From falsified transcripts to a "flabbergasted" witness, Mathew Martoma's insider trading trial has offered new insights into what authorities call "the most lucrative inside tip of all time." (read more »)

Concussion Watch: NFL Head Injuries in Week 20

This year's Super Bowl will be played between two teams that have combined for 11 of the 152 officially reported concussions in the NFL this season. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
Inside Kim Jong-un’s Military Shake-Up

What happened to top North Korean officials before and after a leadership purge. (read more »)

EPA: “Alaska Gold” Mine a Threat to Salmon Fisheries

The EPA's final assessment is the latest setback for the proposed Pebble Mine project, which would be one of the largest open-pit mines in the world. (read more »)

Concussion Watch: NFL Head Injuries in Week 19

A total of 150 NFL players have been sidelined by a concussion during the 2013 season, and in Round 2 of the postseason, at least three more appeared to go down with a head injury. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
Is There Hope for Resistance in North Korea? Live Chat 1pm ET Wed. 1/15

Join a live chat on “Secret State of North Korea” with producer James Jones, North Korea expert Sue Mi Terry from Columbia University, and guest questioner Aaron Schachter from PRI's The World. You can leave a question now. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
Could there be a North Korean “Spring”?

Outside information is forcing the Hermit Kingdom to open up. What will happen next? (read more »)

Judge Rejects $765 Million NFL Concussion Settlement

A federal judge has rejected a $765 million settlement between the NFL and thousands of former players, ruling that the agreement may not go far enough to cover every player who may need aid. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
What was Kim Jong-un Like as a Boy?

Rare interviews with those who knew the young leader before he came to power. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
Five Ways North Koreans Are Defying the Regime

Some resist from outside, and others from within. They say it’s worth the risk. (read more »)

Health / Science / Technology
Illinois “Nightmare Bacteria” Outbreak Raises Alarms

The largest outbreak on record of one so-called "nightmare bacteria" is fueling alarm among public health officials about the spread of potentially lethal drug-resistant infections. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
How Do You Catch a Trader? Live Chat 1 pm ET Wed. 1/8

Join a live chat on “To Catch a Trader” with producers Martin Smith and Nick Verbitsky, and guest questioner Peter Henning from “DealBook.” You can leave a question now. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Should Insider Trading Be Legal?

The government’s crackdown on insider trading has shaken much of Wall Street -- and renewed a debate over whether such deal-making should even be illegal to begin with. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Quiz: Spot the Inside Trade

Where is the line when it comes to insider trading? We picked six examples from the annals of Wall Street to see if you can spot the illegal deal. (read more »)

Concussion Watch: NFL Head Injuries in Week 18

With the NFL's regular season now over and the playoffs underway, the total number of concussions taking place becomes harder to tally by the week. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Chart of the Day: The SAC Advantage

SAC Capital is said to have charged a whopping 50 percent take on any profits it made for investors, but that didn't scare many away. Here's why. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
SAC In Spotlight As Insider Trading Trial Opens

Mathew Martoma goes on trial today for what's been called "the most lucrative inside tip of all time," but his former employer, the hedge fund SAC Capital, is also facing heavy scrutiny. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
“Isn’t This Illegal?”

It's phone calls like the one that Turney Duff took early in his career at the Galleon Group that authorities point to as what's wrong with the hedge fund industry. (read more »)



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