The Latest: March 2014

UN Report: Climate Change Will Deepen Poverty, Hunger

A new report details the impact of climate change on human survival. (read more »)

Health / Science / Technology
Florida Bill Would Combat Superbug Threat

A bill to track drug-resistant infections has been introduced in Florida, inspired in part by FRONTLINE's "Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria." (read more »)

Why Northwestern Football Players Won the Right to Unionize

The decision marks a potential game-changer in the debate over whether college athletes are professionals entitled to some form of compensation for their work. (read more »)

Health / Science / Technology
How Can We Stop The TB Pandemic? Live Chat 3/26 3:30 pm ET

Join us for a live chat about "TB Silent Killer" on Wed. 3/26 with filmmaker Jezza Neumann, NPR global health reporter Michaeleen Doucleff and a panel of TB experts. You can leave a question now. (read more »)

Health / Science / Technology
Map: TB’s Global Reach

As TB cases declined in the Western world in recent decades, so did the funding to deal with the disease. But TB, an airborne bug that spreads best when the infected are left untreated in crowded areas, continued to flourish in poorer nations. (read more »)

Health / Science / Technology
What’s Happened To Bheki, Nokubheka and Gcebile?

When FRONTLINE's cameras left Swaziland, the characters from "TB Silent Killer" were all at different stages in their treatment. Seven months later, how are they doing? (read more »)

Health / Science / Technology
Childhood TB is Twice as Bad as Once Thought, Study Finds

Roughly 1 million children suffer from TB annually, twice as many as previously thought, according to a new study in The Lancet. (read more »)

What’s Happened Since “Rape in the Fields”?

Once considered an open secret, sexual violence in the fields is now national news. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
Inside Ukraine’s Propaganda War

How the revolution that began in February has become a full-scale propaganda war, with both sides digging in and stoking old, bitter biases and grievances. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Watchdog Calls Out DOJ For Mortgage Fraud Response

An inspector general's report has called into question the Justice Department's stated commitment to holding people accountable for misconduct that precipitated the financial crisis. (read more »)

Health / Science / Technology
Dental Chain May Be Booted From Medicaid Program

Small Smiles, which has been under federal scrutiny for years for performing unnecessary dental treatments on children, could be barred from the Medicaid program beginning next month. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
Report Finds Syria’s Children Dying From Lack of Basic Care

A new report finds Syria's civil war has shattered the nation's health system, resulting in thousands of otherwise preventable child deaths. (read more »)

Social Issues
Adam Lanza’s Father Speaks

For the first time, Peter Lanza has spoken publicly about his relationship with his troubled son. "You can't mourn for the little boy he once was," he said. "You can't fool yourself." (read more »)

Health / Science / Technology
CDC: Some Doctors Contribute to Superbug Spread

Misusing antibiotics is one way to create more drug-resistant bacteria. Your doctor could be part of the problem. (read more »)

Pope Francis Defends Church’s Response To Clergy Sex Abuse

In one of his first public comments on the church’s handling of abuse cases, Pope Francis told an Italian newspaper, "No one else has done more." (read more »)

Coming in March on FRONTLINE

From an award-winning investigation on the sexual assault of undocumented women to a deeply personal look at the rise of drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis, here's what's coming up next on FRONTLINE. (read more »)

EPA Takes Step to Restrict Pebble Mine Project in Alaska

The EPA's ruling could lead to an outright ban on mining in Bristol Bay, home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world. (read more »)



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