The Latest: June 2014

Social Issues
Watch: “Murder on Abortion Row”

The Supreme Court today struck down a Massachusetts law that established buffer zones around clinics that provide abortions. In 1994, FRONTLINE examined a tragedy that helped lead to that law, at the intersection of free speech and abortion, in "Murder on Abortion Row." (read more »)

NFL Removes Cap on Damages in Bid to End Concussion Lawsuit

The agreement comes nearly seven months after a U.S. District Court judge rejected an initial settlement, saying she did not believe that the $675 million set aside for damages would cover every player who may need aid. (read more »)

New Details Emerge in Hearing on Abuse at Spirit Lake

The Congressional hearing, called to shed light on the problem of child abuse and neglect on the Spirit Lake reservation, exposed a fundamental problem in Indian Country: a dearth of federal funds. (read more »)

FRONTLINE Wins Major Funding to Expand Investigative Reporting

The largest gift from an individual in FRONTLINE’s history and a two-year Ford Foundation grant will support the series’ digital transformation. (read more »)

Split Verdict in British Tabloid Phone-Hacking Trial

A British jury convicted a former "News of the World" editor, while acquitting one of Rupert Murdoch's top lieutenants. (read more »)

As Child Abuse Persists at Spirit Lake, Congress Steps In

A congressional committee will investigate why child abuse persists on the Spirit Lake reservation, almost two years after the federal government stepped in to deal with the problem. (read more »)

NCAA President Defends Amateurism in College Sports

The courtroom was packed as NCAA President Mark Emmert took the stand today in the O'Bannon vs. NCAA antitrust case. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Study: Corporate Mergers Overrun By Insider Trading

A jaw-dropping new study of mergers and acquisitions suggests the problem of insider trading is not only pervasive, but also rarely enforced. (read more »)

Does the NCAA Rule College Sports Like a “Cartel”?

On Day 2 of the Ed O'Bannon trial, attorneys jostled over whether the NCAA has “collectively conspired” to prevent athletes from receiving compensation for the use and sale of their names, images and likenesses (read more »)

What is a Student Athlete?

This question was front and center on the first day of the Ed O'Bannon trial. (read more »)

Three Plans to Stop Rape in the Fields

Legislators, community organizations, academic institutions and growers have jump-started new projects to tackle sexual harassment and abuse in the agricultural industry. (read more »)



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