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Coming in August on FRONTLINE

Set your DVR for rebroadcasts of three popular documentaries this month. (read more »)

Iraq / War on Terror
Who is Nouri al-Maliki?

Eight years ago, Nouri al-Maliki went from political unknown to prime minister of Iraq. Today, he draws comparisons to the man he once fought to overthrow, Saddam Hussein. (read more »)

Iraq / War on Terror
The Iraq War’s Key Players: Where Are They Now?

From Muqtada al-Sadr to the Sons of Iraq, these players shaped Iraq during the war. They may still have a role to play in its future. (read more »)

Iraq / War on Terror
Iraq: How Did We Get Here?

From "shock and awe" to ISIS, FRONTLINE explores the key turning points in the war and its aftermath. (read more »)

Iraq / War on Terror
Dispatch: Return to Baghdad

FRONTLINE producer Martin Smith, who made four films on Iraq, has just arrived in Baghdad after a long absence. He's currently producing a film on the unfolding crisis in the country. (read more »)

Social Issues
What’s Happened to Brittany, Jonny and Kaylie?

When FRONTLINE's left the Quad Cities in 2012, the characters from "Poor Kids" were all at different stages in their lives. Two years later, how are they doing? (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
From Kalashnikovs to Surface-to-Air Missiles in Eastern Ukraine

When FRONTLINE producer James Jones first met separatists in Eastern Ukraine they were armed with rusty Kalishnikovs. Now they're suspected of bringing down a plane. (read more »)

FRONTLINE Nominated for 11 Emmy Awards

Nine FRONTLINE documentaries -- including an experimental digital film -- and a promotional campaign have been nominated for 11 News and Documentary Emmy Awards this year. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
New UN Resolution to Expand Humanitarian Aid in Syria

The move allows the UN to send aid to rebel-held areas without the Syrian government's consent. But how many will it help? (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Citigroup to Pay $7 Billion to End Mortgage Deal Probe

The nation's third largest bank will pay $7 billion to settle a federal investigation into whether it misled investors about the quality of mortgage-related securities that it sold in the run-up to the financial crisis. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
An Insider Trading Acquittal Hints at New Landscape for Prosecutors

Nothing lasts forever. That's the lesson federal prosecutors in New York were reminded of this week when their unbeaten streak in a five-year crackdown on insider trading finally came to an end. (read more »)

What Pope Francis Has Done Differently in Tackling the Sexual Abuse Scandal

His approach has differed from his predecessors. Vatican expert Jason Berry explains how. (read more »)

Judge Approves NFL Concussion Settlement

Judge Anita Brody's preliminary approval means that more than 18,000 players and their beneficiaries will now vote on the deal. (read more »)

Pope Francis Holds First Meeting With Abuse Victims

Pope Francis met with abuse victims in his latest effort to address the sexual abuse crisis in the church. But victims' advocates say it isn't enough. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
What Comes Next in Ukraine?

This week, the Ukrainian government let a unilateral ceasefire expire and launched a major offensive in the east. (read more »)

Coming in July on FRONTLINE

It's summer — but FRONTLINE isn't taking the season off. From the resegregation of American schools to the unfolding chaos in Iraq, here's a close look at FRONTLINE's July lineup. (read more »)

A Return to School Segregation in America?

Public schools are more segregated now than in 1968. Does it matter? FRONTLINE goes inside one school district's debate. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
Could BNP Conviction Signal the End of “Too Big To Jail”?

Nearly six years since the peak of the financial crisis, U.S. prosecutors are still battling the impression that no single bank is too big to jail. But a pair of recent victories may help reverse that perception. (read more »)



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