The Latest: August 2014

Afghanistan / Pakistan
Pakistan’s “Forgotten Crisis”

More than 1 million -- including 456,000 children-- have been displaced this summer by the military's campaign to root out militants in the tribal areas. (read more »)

Business / Economy / Financial
How Bank of America’s $16.65 Billion Settlement Compares

In the five years since the crisis, government authorities have won nearly $83 billion in credit crisis and mortgage-related settlements from the nation's six largest banks -- while the banks have earned more than $320 billion in profits. (read more »)

O’Bannon Ruling Raises New Questions Over Future of Money in Big-time College Sports

A landmark ruling has cleared a path for college athletes to earn compensation from the NCAA, but the case also left many unanswered questions about the complicated and controversial role of money in collegiate athletics. (read more »)

Back from Iraq: 10 Questions with Martin Smith

The FRONTLINE producer was on the ground in Iraq as the US began airstrikes against ISIS. He's safely out now -- and he's answering your questions about what he saw. (read more »)

Foreign Affairs / Defense
Why Are So Many Westerners Joining ISIS?

And do they pose an imminent danger to the U.S. and other Western targets? (read more »)

Iraq / War on Terror
“For Now, It Seems, Iraq Is No More”

"Today, you are either a Shia, a Sunni, a Christian, a Kurd," writes FRONTLINE's Martin Smith from Baghdad. "You are not an Iraqi first." (read more »)

Iraq / War on Terror
Inside a Camp for Iraqis Fleeing ISIS

As the U.S. airstrikes begin, FRONTLINE producer Martin Smith reports from Mosul on the developing crisis. (read more »)

Iraq / War on Terror
Inside the Rise of ISIS

It may have seemed sudden but ISIS has been rebuilding inside Iraq -- turning itself into a professional military force -- for years, according to Brookings Institute analyst Charles Lister. (read more »)

Government / Elections / Politics
Where is Voter Discrimination the Worst?

Voting discrimination persists nationwide, but the worst offenders today are still southern states with a history of blocking minorities' access to the ballot, according to a new study by the National Commission on Voting Rights. (read more »)

What Did “Generation Like” Think of “Generation Like”?

In "Generation Like," teens told FRONTLINE that social media makes them feel empowered. Six months later, do they still feel the same way? (read more »)

Iraq / War on Terror
Can the Kurds Hold Out Against ISIS?

In the last week, ISIS and the Kurds have turned their guns on each other. What happens next? (read more »)

Iraq / War on Terror
Baghdad Dispatch: Checkpoint (In)Security

More than 10 years after the fall of Saddam, the people of Baghdad might reasonably have hoped that they could drive about their city without worrying about kidnappings and bombings. (read more »)

Criminal Justice
New Report Raises Questions About Guilt of Executed Texas Man

A witness who testified that Willingham confessed to arson says he lied in exchange for favorable treatment from prosecutors. (read more »)



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