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The Trouble with Antibiotics

How It’s Different in Europe

In 2006, the E.U. banned certain kinds of antibiotic uses on the farm. But critics say there’s no evidence that the restrictions have led to a decrease in drug-resistant infections in humans.

The Trouble with Antibiotics

Inside an Early Attempt to Restrict Antibiotic Use on Farms

In 1977, then FDA Commissioner Donald Kennedy tried — and failed — to tackle the problem.

Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

On John Quinn

The veteran drug researcher featured in “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria” passed away last weekend.

Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

Who’s Tracking the “Nightmare Bacteria”?

It seems like a basic question: How many people get these hard to treat infections each year and where do they occur? But there’s no easy answer.

Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

Who’s Trying to Fix the Pipeline Problem?

The problem is clear: there aren’t enough new antibiotics. The question is why aren’t more pharmaceutical companies filling the gap — and what’s being done to try to reverse this trend?

Big Sky, Big Money

Montana Court Rules “Dark Money” Group Violated State Law

The court found that Western Tradition Partnership, the focus of FRONTLINE’s October investigation “Big Sky, Big Money,” used “subterfuge” to avoid complying with state disclosure law during the 2008 election cycle.

Big Money 2012

The Rules That Govern 501(c)(4)s

Why these groups can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections — without disclosing their donors




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