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Egypt in Crisis

September 17, 2013

FRONTLINE examines the rise and rapid fall of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

(53:41) An in-depth look at the aftermath of Egypt's revolution, and what could come next.


Khaled Fahmy: Sisi Is “Much More Dangerous”

“I don’t want to go to demonstrations and funerals and morgues, which is what I have been doing for the past two and a half years. But something is wrong in how this whole thing is unfolding. Something fundamentally is wrong.”

Wael Haddara: “We Lost Our Country” on July 3

“If the street becomes the way of removing a democratically elected president one year into his mandate, then no other presidency will survive in the future.”

Mona Makram-Ebeid: “The Struggle is for Egypt’s Soul”

“From every side there are challenges to this transitional phase, and we are living in a very turbulent time. So that’s why the first priority should be to restore order and to prevent any more violence.”


Egypt Adopts Broad New Restrictions On Protests

Human rights groups warn that the new law will virtually criminalize the kind of mass demonstrations that forced presidents Hosni Mubarek and Mohamed Morsi from power.

In Egypt, Military Tightens Hold on Muslim Brotherhood

As former President Mohammed Morsi’s trial nears, another top leader is arrested for inciting violence.

Egypt Bans Muslim Brotherhood Activity, Freezes Funds

The military-backed Egyptian government takes another step in its aggressive crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Is There Hope for Democracy In Egypt? — Live Chat Transcript

Join a live chat about “Egypt in Crisis” with correspondent Charles Sennott, producer Marcela Gaviria, and NBC Egypt Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin. You can leave a question now.

Dig Deeper: More on Egypt’s Political Turmoil

A collection of readings on Egypt, the revolution and its new leader, Sisi.

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Detained in Cairo

Gehad El-Haddad, who is featured in tonight’s Egypt in Crisis, was arrested this morning on suspicion of inciting violence and murder.

Press Release: “Egypt in Crisis”

FRONTLINE tells the inside story of a revolution gone wrong.

For Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, a Return to the Underground

In the aftermath of the toppling of President Mohamed Morsi, the Islamist party appears to be retreating into its historical narrative as an underground movement.

Egypt Divided: U.S. Government Emerges as a Common Foe

The two sides may be bitterly divided, but they seem to agree on at least one thing: that the United States is at fault for the mess in which Egypt finds itself.


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