inside the meltdown

Extra Video

Is Anybody Listening?Brooksley Born warns years ago, "regulate derivatives" -- and gets slammed by two top Clinton officials.
Alan Schwartz's Wake-Up CallA four-word message delivered by the head of Bear's prime brokerage operation at a 3/13 crisis meeting.
Inside the First MeltdownJeffrey Lane joins Bear Stearns soon after two hedge funds -- holding triple A-rated mortgage securities -- blow up.
You've Got A Weekend to Save YourselfInside the Paulson/Geithner phone call to CEO Alan Schwartz late Friday night as Bear was flailing.
So Adam Smith Got It Wrong?Adam Davidson points out how once upon a time, a few conservative professionals decided who got to borrow money.
Two Lehman Bond TradersLaid off just before Lehman's death throes set in, they watched its end from the outside...
Greenberg on GreenbergThe legendary former Bear CEO's memories of Wall Street’s good old days...

posted july 7, 2009

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