Never Forget to Lie

May 14, 2013

Filmmaker Marian Marzynski explores, for the first time, his own wartime childhood and the experiences of other child survivors of the Holocaust.

(53:41) The Holocaust's last living witnesses tell their stories of survival.



Marian Marzynski: Returning to My Warsaw Story

“In Poland I had lived in a closet: as a 5-year-old boy hiding during the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto, running for my life on the Christian side, but also, as an adult after the war, trying to forget my past.”

“There is One More Out There Like Them”: A Survivor’s Story

After watching “Never Forget to Lie,” a child Holocaust survivor recognizes that she is not alone.

Reflections On “Never Forget To Lie”

For many viewers, filmmaker Marian Marzynski’s Never Forget To Lie has evoked strong emotions about family, faith, survival and love.

Maja Hrabowska: “My Life In Hiding”

Maja Hrabowska is a member of the generation of children that survived the Holocaust. “The past is always with me,” she writes. “It has long, cold fingers, and catches me unprepared, at night mostly, when I wake up in sweat.”

The Last Witnesses of the Holocaust — Live Chat Transcript

Join a live chat with filmmaker Marian Marzynski and historian Peter Black, of the United States Holocaust Museum. You can leave a question now.

Lillian Boraks-Nemetz: My Holocaust Survival

As a child, Lillian Boraks-Nemetz escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto, but at great risk, and without her family.

Ed Herman: My Warsaw Ghetto Memories

“My personnel journey is a narrative of strong faith, growing up in a hurry, resilience and strength in face of adversity, a story of close escapes against all odds and miraculous survival.”

Returning to the Haunted Ground of the Warsaw Ghetto

Before World War II, Poland’s capital was home to the country’s largest Jewish community. More than 350,000 Jews lived in the city. No more than 20,000 of them survived the Holocaust.

Training A Camera On the Children of the Holocaust

Marian Marzynski was on WBUR Radio’s “Here & Now” program today to discuss why he decided to make “Never Forget to Lie,” the vivid memories of other child survivors and the unfinished business of his own Holocaust story.

What People Are Saying about “Never Forget to Lie”

“On the building walls there are silhouettes of mothers and fathers, who they saw for the last time. This is their catharsis: a return to their childhood.”

Promotional Tour Schedule

“Never Forget to Lie” airs on FRONTLINE April 30, 2013, but will also be screened in advance at select theaters.


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