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Press Release | Mar. 24 on FRONTLINE: Should Vaccinating Children Be A Choice?

With measles making a comeback, FRONTLINE investigates the latest chapter in the war over vaccines.

Note from FRONTLINE on “Bigger Than Vegas”

Last fall, we announced we were postponing our film on gambling in Macau, “Bigger than Vegas,” so more work could be done.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Teams with Atul Gawande to Explore Being Mortal

Death is something we will all one day face. So why is it so hard for doctors to talk about dying with their patients?

Press Release | On Jan. 13, FRONTLINE Investigates Vladimir Putin’s Path to Power

On Jan. 13, FRONTLINE investigates of the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Putin’s rise and reign.

FRONTLINE Wins 2 duPont-Columbia Awards

“United States of Secrets” and “Syria’s Second Front” were honored with the award, which honors excellence in broadcast and digital news.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Investigates the Unrivaled Political Power of the NRA

On Jan. 6, veteran FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk explores the power and politics of the NRA.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Expands Enterprise Reporting Capacity With New Hires

The Enterprise Journalism Group, funded by the Ford Foundation, includes two producers who previously worked at CBS’s “60 Minutes” and a former “Wall Street Journal” reporter.

Press Release | FRONTLINE and ProPublica Investigate the Secret History of Firestone in Liberia

On Nov. 18, FRONTLINE and ProPublica team up to investigate an iconic American company’s secret history in Liberia.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Announces Major Investigation of How and Why ISIS Rose to Power

On October 28, FRONTLINE presents “The Rise of ISIS” — a major, in-depth investigation of the brutal terrorist group’s ascent, from veteran producer and journalist Martin Smith.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Investigates the Growing Superbug Crisis

In a two-part hour airing Oct. 14, FRONTLINE examines antibiotic use on the American farm and revisits a nightmare bacteria outbreak at the NIH.

FRONTLINE’s Martin Smith Named 2014 Chancellor Award Winner

Columbia Journalism School will honor the veteran FRONTLINE filmmaker for “courageous and insightful reporting on some of the most complex stories of our time.”

Press Release | FRONTLINE Investigates the Ebola Outbreak & Nigeria’s Fight to #BringBackOurGirls

In a late-breaking, two-part special, FRONTLINE investigates two of the biggest stories out of Africa in recent months: the largest Ebola outbreak on record, and Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram — the Islamist militant group that kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls in April.

FRONTLINE Announces July 29 Special on the Chaos in Iraq

A special, in-depth report: What went wrong? How did we get here? And what happens now?

FRONTLINE Nominated for 11 Emmy Awards

Nine FRONTLINE documentaries — including an experimental digital film — and a promotional campaign have been nominated for 11 News and Documentary Emmy Awards this year.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Examines the Resurgence of School Segregation in America

On July 15, FRONTLINE presents a two-part hour on education, class and race in America.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Wins Major Funding to Expand Investigative Reporting

The largest gift from an individual in FRONTLINE’s history and a two-year Ford Foundation grant will support the series’ digital transformation.

FRONTLINE Wins Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for “Rape in the Fields”

The award recognizes outstanding reporting on human rights and social justice issues.

“Outlawed in Pakistan” Wins Overseas Press Club Award

The May 2013 film explores the complicated rape case of Pakistani teenager Kainat Soomro.

Press Release | “United States of Secrets”: How the Government Came to Spy on Millions of Americans

In “United States of Secrets,” a two-part series airing May 13 & 20, FRONTLINE reveals the dramatic inside story of how the U.S. government came to monitor and collect the communications of millions of people around the world—and the lengths they went to trying to hide the massive surveillance program from the public.

FRONTLINE Featured in Tow Center “Video Now” Report

Does online video need to be short and funny to be successful? That’s the conventional wisdom — but at FRONTLINE, we’re finding engaged and growing digital audiences for long form video journalism.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Presents “Locked Up in America”

FRONTLINE Presents “Locked Up in America,” a two-film series examining America’s fixation on incarceration.

Filming a TB Epidemic, Up Close: Meet FRONTLINE Filmmaker Jezza Neumann

When he crossed into Swaziland to make a film about the rise of drug-resistant tuberculosis, Jezza Neumann wasn’t sure what to expect.

Press Release | “TB Silent Killer”: An Unforgettable Portrait of Lives Forever Changed by TB

Tuberculosis was once thought to be a disease of the past. But with 8 million new infections every year, TB—passed simply by a cough or a sneeze—has become the second leading cause of death from an infectious disease on the planet.

Press Release | “Secrets of the Vatican”: Inside the Scandals That Rocked Benedict’s Papacy

An inside look at the scandals that rocked Benedict’s Papacy—and the extraordinary challenges facing Pope Francis as he tries to reform.

Press Release | “Syria’s Second Front”: An Exclusive Report From Inside a Country in Turmoil

FRONTLINE correspondent and Syrian native Muhammad Ali — one of only a few reporters to make it in and out of Syria in recent months — reports firsthand on the war’s new front.

Coming in February on FRONTLINE

This February, three new FRONTLINE films will explore three big — and very different — questions.

Press Release | Friends, Follows, and Fame: FRONTLINE Presents “Generation Like”

From Douglas Rushkoff, a close look at the evolving and complicated relationship between teens, social media, pop culture, and big brands.

What’s It Like to Make a Film About Life Under Kim Jong-un?

Meet FRONTLINE Director James Jones.

Coming in January on FRONTLINE

Next month, we’ll go inside the government’s insider trading investigation of the hedge fund industry as well as the “Secret State of North Korea.” Plus a pre-Superbowl rebroadcast of our most-talked about film of 2013.

Press Release | FRONTLINE Goes Inside the ‘Secret State’ to Explore Life Under Kim Jong-un

In Secret State of North Korea, FRONTLINE shines a light on the hidden world of the North Korean people, drawing on undercover footage from inside the country as well as interviews with defectors—including a former top official—who are working to try to chisel away at the regime’s influence.



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