Programs by Year: 2009

Nov. 24, 2009

The Card Game

(60 minutes) Investigating the massive consumer loan industry and what's ahead for banks and consumers... (Web site »)
Nov. 17, 2009

A Death in Tehran

(60 minutes) The life and death of the woman whose image remains a potent symbol for those who want to keep the Iranian reform movement alive. (Web site »)
Oct. 27, 2009

Close to Home

(60 minutes) Producer Ofra Bikel chronicles the recession's impact on one unlikely neighborhood--New York's Upper East Side... (Web site »)
Oct. 20, 2009

The Warning

(60 minutes) Long before the economic meltdown, one woman tried to warn about the threat to the financial system... (Web site »)
Oct. 13, 2009

Obama's War

(60 minutes) Can U.S. forces succeed in a land long known as the "graveyard of empires"? (Web site »)
Jun. 16, 2009

Breaking the Bank

(60 minutes) Inside the story of one of the most controversial moments of the U.S. financial crisis - and its dramatic ramifications... (Web site »)
May. 12, 2009

The Madoff Affair

(60 minutes) Inside the world's first global Ponzi scheme, and how he got away with it for so long... (Web site »)
Apr. 28, 2009

The Released

(60 minutes) A rare and intimate look at what happens to the mentally ill after they're released from prison. Why do they so often return? (Web site »)
Apr. 21, 2009

Poisoned Waters

(120 minutes) Investigating the dangerous new wave of pollutants entering our waterways and drinking water - and who's responsible. (Web site »)
Apr. 7, 2009

Black Money

(60 minutes) Lowell Bergman tracks a tale of international bribery that leads to some of the world's most powerful companies and governments. (Web site »)
Mar. 31, 2009

Sick Around America

(60 minutes) FRONTLINE travels the country examining America's broken health care system and exploring the need for a fundamental overhaul. (Web site »)
Mar. 24, 2009

Ten Trillion and Counting

(60 minutes) Tracing the politics behind America's huge mountain of debt, the threat it presents, and how we get out of it... (Web site »)
Feb. 17, 2009

Inside the Meltdown

(60 minutes) Investigating the dramatic story of how, in just six months, America's financial system unraveled.... (Web site »)
Feb. 3, 2009

My Father, My Brother, and Me

(60 minutes) Correspondent Dave Iverson's personal journey to understand Parkinson's, a disease which has taken such a toll on his family. (Web site »)
Jan. 20, 2009

Dreams of Obama

(60 minutes) A rich personal and political biography of America's 44th president and what has brought him to this historic moment... (Web site »)
Jan. 6, 2009

The Old Man and the Storm

(60 minutes) The compelling saga of one family's efforts to rebuild their homes, and their lives, in post-Katrina New Orleans (Web site »)


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