Programs by Year: 2010

Nov. 23, 2010

Facing Death

(60 minutes) A powerful look at the reality of today's medicalized death. How far would you go to sustain a loved one's life, or your own? (Web site »)
Nov. 9, 2010

The Confessions

(120 minutes) An incredible saga that cracks open the system to reveal almost everything that goes wrong when innocent people get convicted. (Web site »)
Oct. 26, 2010

The Spill

(60 minutes) A riveting investigation into BP's history of accidents, deaths and safety violations that foreshadowed the disaster in the Gulf. (Web site »)
Oct. 19, 2010

Death by Fire

(60 minutes) Cameron Todd Willingham - executed for the arson murder of his three daughters. Could this case change the death penalty debate? (Web site »)
Oct. 11, 2010

God in America

(360 minutes) How has religious belief shaped American history? (Web site »)
Aug. 25, 2010

Law & Disorder

(60 minutes) An on-air and online investigation into questionable police shootings by the New Orleans Police Department in the wake of Katrina. (Web site »)
May. 18, 2010

The Wounded Platoon

(120 minutes) The men of Third Platoon, Charlie Company: What happened to them in Iraq ... and what happened when they came home. (Web site »)
May. 4, 2010

College, Inc.

(60 minutes) How Wall Street and a new breed of for-profit universities are transforming the way we think about college in America (Web site »)
Apr. 27, 2010

The Vaccine War

(60 minutes) Inside the raging debate: parents' right to make choices versus the needs of a community. (Web site »)
Apr. 20, 2010

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

(60 minutes) A startling investigation into an ancient practice that's once again flourishing: the organized sex trade in young Afghan boys. (Web site »)
Apr. 13, 2010

Obama's Deal

(60 minutes) It wasn't pretty, but it worked. Inside the backroom deals and hardball politics that finally got Obama his health care bill. (Web site »)
Mar. 30, 2010

The Quake

(60 minutes) A powerful report on Haiti's tragedy, with never-before-seen footage. What can be done now -- and who will do it? (Web site »)
Mar. 2, 2010

The Suicide Tourist

(60 minutes) A story about struggling to live ... and deciding when to die. Is this a choice everyone should have? (Web site »)
Feb. 23, 2010

Behind Taliban Lines

(60 minutes) An Afghan journalist's extraordinary 10 days living and filming with an insurgent cell allied with Al Qaeda. (Web site »)
Feb. 9, 2010

Flying Cheap

(60 minutes) Is the aviation system being stretched beyond its capacity to deliver service that is both cheap and safe? (Web site »)
Feb. 2, 2010

Digital Nation

(120 minutes) Is our 24/7 wired world causing us to lose as much as we've gained? (Web site »)


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