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May. 10, 2011
60 minutes

Since taking over the war effort in Afghanistan, Gen. Petraeus has raised the campaign against the Taliban to a new intensity, nearly doubling the number of air attacks and unleashing Special Forces to kill or capture thousands of militants. In Pakistan, the CIA has killed hundreds of militants with drone attacks. Now as President Obama promises a July deadline for reducing troops, is the strategy working? Through interviews with Gen. Petraeus, his senior commanders, and Taliban foot-soldiers, FRONTLINE producers Dan Edge (The Wounded Platoon), and Stephen Grey (Extraordinary Rendition) carry out an in-depth investigation into the United States' unprecedented campaign of targeted killing. FRONTLINE also enters the lawless border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan -- making contact with defiant Taliban militia leaders and meeting with the U.S. Special Forces who are targeting them. After almost 10 years of war, this film asks: Can the U.S. get out of Afghanistan?

Producer(s): Dan Edge
Stephen Grey

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