Secrets of the Vatican

February 25, 2014

An inside look at the scandals that rocked Benedict’s Papacy.

(83:44) An inside look at the scandals that rocked Benedict's papacy.



The Vatican after Francis: Has the Pope Met His Mandate for Change?

Two-and-a-half years ago, Pope Francis inherited a church beset by scandal. Have his reforms done enough to turn it around?

Milwaukee Archdiocese Offers Settlement For Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse

A proposed settlement between the Milwaukee Archdiocese and hundreds of alleged victims would end one of the largest cases to emerge from the clergy abuse crisis.

Can Pope Francis Bridge the Political Divide over Climate Change?

Pope Francis is viewed favorably by nearly 90 percent of U.S. Catholics, but is that enough to heal deep political divides about whether climate change is even occurring?

Pope Francis’s Remarkable Rise

In the two years since he was announced as Pope Benedict XVI’s successor, Pope Francis has earned widespread admiration and remarkable cultural cachet. But he wasn’t always so well-known.

Pope Francis to Bishops: Don’t Protect Abusers

In letter to church officials, Pope Francis said there is “absolutely no place in ministry for those who abuse minors.”

Former Vatican Ambassador To Be Tried for Child Sexual Abuse

The move marks the first time the Vatican has pursued criminal charges against a church official.

What Pope Francis Has Done Differently in Tackling the Sexual Abuse Scandal

His approach has differed from his predecessors. Vatican expert Jason Berry explains how.

Pope Francis Holds First Meeting With Abuse Victims

Pope Francis met with abuse victims in his latest effort to address the sexual abuse crisis in the church. But victims’ advocates say it isn’t enough.

Pope Francis Defends Church’s Response To Clergy Sex Abuse

In one of his first public comments on the church’s handling of abuse cases, Pope Francis told an Italian newspaper, “No one else has done more.”

Inside the Closed World of the Vatican: Live Chat Today 2:30 pm ET

Join us for a live chat about “Secrets of the Vatican” with filmmaker Antony Thomas, co-producer Jason Berry and guest questioner Elizabeth Dias from TIME Magazine. You can leave a question now.

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga: The Church Needs “Fresh Air”

“It’s necessary to open the windows in the church because we need fresh air,” says Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga.

Robert Mickens: From Benedict to Francis

Joseph Ratzinger may have been a brilliant theologian, but he should never have been a bishop, let alone the pope, says journalist and Vatican expert Robert Mickens.

Monica Barrett: “If You Tell Anybody, Your Parents Will Burn in Hell”

At just 8 years old, Monica Barrett was raped by her priest. “It just pulled my entire foundation out from under me,” she told FRONTLINE.

Tom Doyle: Vatican is the World’s “Last Absolute Monarchy”

The church’s response to clergy sex abuse shows just how much the pope “is answerable to no human power,” says the former attorney for the Vatican embassy in Washington.

Can the Curia Be Reformed?

Pope Francis has set his sights on reforming the Vatican’s vast bureaucracy, but can he succeed where others have failed?

Dig Deeper: Pope Francis and His Church

A roundup of reporting on Pope Francis and the challenges he faces in the Church.

Amid Vatican Disarray, Pope Francis Set A New Tone

With two words on the night of his selection to the papacy, Pope Francis seemed to signal his intention to lead a very different church.

Pope Francis Appoints New Watchdog for Vatican Finances

Cardinal George Pell will have broad authority over the Vatican’s scandal-plagued financial system under a sweeping reform plan announced today by Pope Francis.


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