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special video

No Need for Narration…

bonck at his house wreckage

(9:00) These excerpts from New Orleans native Jamie Bonck's home video show how, in just over four hours, the floodwaters came up through the first two levels of his three-story house on Aug. 29, 2005, the day Katrina made landfall. At one point, Bonck's camera captures a neighbor swimming along through the debris by his house.

The last minutes of this home video are shot from the boat that Bonck, and the neighbors he sheltered in his house, used to evacuate. The video shows the streets that have become lakes and the rooftops of houses that peek through the floodwaters. "[My] biggest thought is how quickly can the state and fed government come up with a plan to prevent it from happening again," says Bonck. "It's just going to be luck that it doesn't happen again."

Read FRONTLINE's interview with Jamie Bonck in which he talks about the storm and his indecision over whether to rebuild or tear down his house.

Katrina 2005 -- A Music Video Tribute to the People & Spirit of Louisiana
man running across a flooded street


(4:27) Produced by Kenner, La. resident Michael Styborksi, this clip shows photos of Katrina's devastation set to Randy Newman's song "Louisiana 1927". (QuickTime only)

Styborski's house in Kenner, about 13 miles from New Orleans, was flooded by the canal behind it. He ended up staying at his mother's house in Jackson, Miss. with 12 people, two dogs, four cats and a parrot. He's now started the process of putting his house back together. "The first time we got in after the storm to survey the damage we were speechless," he told FRONTLINE. "It was just so miserable. I e-mailed friends and family with an update, and while I was writing it, crying over my half ruined house, I thought about the four or five friends who were in Gulfport, Pass Christian and Lakeview who had nothing left and it just made me feel worse. Luckily, though, we lost no close friends or relatives."




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posted nov. 22, 2005

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