Syria’s Second Front

February 11, 2014

Three years in to Syria’s civil war, another enemy has emerged: factions aligned with Al Qaeda.

Syrias Second FrontThree years into Syria's war, another enemy has emerged: extremists aligned with Al Qaeda.
Children of AleppoA startling portrait of everyday life in a war zone, through the eyes of children.



In Syria, Darkness Takes On New Meaning After Four Years of War

As the Syrian war enters its fifth year, 11 million people have fled their homes, plunging much of the country into darkness. Those who remain face daily bombardments, food shortages and a crumbling medical infrastructure.

New Reports Detail Assad’s Brutal Tactics in Syria

The dramatic rise of ISIS has shifted attention away from the conflict in Syria, but a new report provides a bitter reminder that attacks by the Syrian government on its own citizens are continuing unabated.

1.7 Million Syrian Refugees To Lose Their Main Source of Food Aid

The United Nations World Food Programme predicted “disastrous” results as it suspended aid for Syrian refugees due to a lack of funding.

Report Finds Syria’s Children Dying From Lack of Basic Care

A new report finds Syria’s civil war has shattered the nation’s health system, resulting in thousands of otherwise preventable child deaths.

How Are Jihadists Changing Syria’s War? Live Chat Wed. 1 p.m. ET

Join our chat with “Syria’s Second Front” correspondent Muhammad Ali, McClatchy reporter Roy Gutman and guest questioner David Kenner from Foreign Policy Magazine. You can leave a question now.

In Fight Against ISIS, a Controversial Rebel Takes Command

With extremists in Syria threatening to take hard-won rebel territory, Jamal Maarouf has emerged as a key, albeit controversial, figure during an increasingly pivotal phase of the war.

What’s Happened to the Rebels in Aleppo?

Abu Ali, the rebel commander, was abducted in December; the fight against ISIS and the government continues.

Witnessing Syria’s War Through the Eyes Of Its Children

Amid the turmoil of Syria’s seemingly endless civil war, the notion of a normal childhood has all but disappeared.

Tales By Ex-Detainees Raise Questions About Extremists’ Goals in Syria

The accounts of those imprisoned by ISIS reveal torture and abuse, but also a fixation on property and cash that provides insight into the group’s finances.

In Recent Months, ISIS Targeted Hospitals, Doctors, Journalists

Late last year, the extremist jihadists began attacking “soft” targets in Syria — a move that has raised questions about its relationship with the Assad regime.

A Syrian Native Reports From Inside the War’s Second Front

Journalist Muhammad Ali was seriously injured by government shelling on a reporting trip to Syria one year ago. That didn’t stop him from going back.


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