The Voting Rights Act is 50. How Safe is it Still?

Coming in June on FRONTLINE

This month on FRONTLINE: What life is like for children who are “Growing Up Trans.” Plus, an investigation uncovering the scourge of “Rape on the Night Shift.”

How Credible is Al Qaeda’s Claim It Planned the Charlie Hebdo Attack?

FRONTLINE asked several experts to weigh in on the credibility of Al Qaeda’s Yemen branch’s statement.

Interactive: Your Hospital May Be Hazardous To Your Health

So much of what we call “digital television,” YouTube, Netflix or Hulu, is just small television, distributed over the internet. … Continue reading

Doctor Who Pushed For Oregon Assisted Suicide Law Ends His Own Life

“I don’t want to go out with a whimper. I want to say good-bye to my kids and my wife … Continue reading

Cook County Jail’s Impending Mental Health Crisis

Last week, we brought you a story about an Ohio sheriff who is refusing to house violent, mentally ill arrestees … Continue reading

Ohio Jail To Stop Accepting Violent, Mentally Ill Detainees

Sheriff Drew Alexander, of Ohio’s Summit County, put his foot down this week: He announced a new policy, under which … Continue reading

Mississippi’s Road to “Personhood”

Tomorrow, Mississippi voters will head to the polls to decide on Initiative 26, also known as the “personhood” amendment. The … Continue reading

Live Chat: What’s the Way Forward for Haiti?

Join us for a live chat with Lionel Pressoir, NPR Planet Money’s Adam Davidson and Rolling Stone’s Janet Reitman – today at 3pm ET. You can leave a question now.

New British Assisted Suicide Rules Lead to the Prosecution of No One

Has Britain subtly made assisted suicide (kind of) legal? Forty-four Brits have been suspected of assisting in the suicide of … Continue reading

Eyewitness Accounts Still Prove Problematic in the Criminal Justice System

Flawed eyewitness testimony is the number one contributing factor to wrongful convictions later overturned by DNA analysis, according to a … Continue reading

Could NY Tech Addicts Learn Something from S. Korea?

Social media fatigue is setting in among New York’s digerati, who are complaining of burnout, alienation, “tech overload,” and “slow … Continue reading



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