Age of Hope | Killing Fields | Red Flag | Lost Peace | On the Line
Great Escape | Breadline | Sporting Fever | Master Race
Total War | Brave New World | Freedom Now | Boomtime
Fallout | Asia Rising | Living Longer | Endangered Planet
Skin Deep | Picture Power | Great Leap | Young Blood
Half the People | Guerilla Wars | God Fights Back | People Power | Fast Forward

Age of Hope (1900-1914)
World population: 1.6 billion
Paris World's Fair showcases electricity
First Russian Revolution fails
China becomes a republic
African National Congress founded

Sporting Fever (1900-1938)   Back
Women compete in the Olympics for the first time
Babe Ruth hits 60 home runs
First World Cup soccer match
Hitler uses Berlin Olympics to showcase his Nazi propaganda

On the Line (1908-1945)   Back
Model T touring car introduced; price: $850
Model T touring car first produced on assembly line
Model T touring car price: $360
United Auto Workers' first sit-down strike
Widespread labor strike in France

Killing Fields (1914-1918)   Back
WW I begins
Battle of Verdun
U.S. enters war
WW I ends

Red Flag (1917-1940)   Back
Bolsheviks seize power in Russia
Lenin dies
Stalin becomes Soviet leader
Forced collectivization of Soviet agriculture begins
Stalin's purge of political leaders begin

Half the People (1917-1996)   Back
U.S. women win right to vote
(1945) Women's suffrage becomes law in France
"The Feminine Mystique" is published
"Roe v. Wade" decision legalizes abortion
Equal Rights Amendment bill defeated

Lost Peace (1919-1935)   Back
League of Nations founded
Treaty of Versailles drawn up
League of Nations holds World Disarmament Conference
Hitler becomes German chancellor
Italy invades Ethiopia

Master Race (1926-1945)   Back
Hitler completes "Mein Kampf"
Germany annexes Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia
Kristallnacht accelerates Holocaust
Nazi leaders commence "Final Solution"
Allies liberate death camps

Picture Power (1939 - 1997)   Back
First television transmission
BBC inaugurates television service
NBC broadcasts opening ceremonies of World's Fair
First televised U.S. presidential debate
Beatles appear on "The Ed Sullivan Show" : 73 million viewers
Corporation for Public Broadcasting established
Taking of Israeli hostages at Olympics televised around the world

Great Escape (1895 -1964)   Back
Chaplin makes "The Gold Rush"
First sound movie made: "The Jazz Singer"
First drive-in theater in the U.S.
John Ford's "Grapes of Wrath" reflects Great Depression
Laurence Olivier inspires British in "Henry V"

Breadline (1929-1939)   Back
U.S. stock market crash
Worldwide economic depression
U.S. jobless rate reaches 25%
New Deal initiates economic recovery

Total War (1939-1945)   Back
WW II begins
Battle of Britain begins
Japan bombs Pearl Harbor; U.S. enters war
Siege of Leningrad lifted
Atomic bombs dropped on Japan; WW II ends

Fallout (1945-1995)   Back
U.S. begins building atomic bomb
First Soviet atomic bomb
First nuclear power plant built
Partial Test-Ban Treaty prohibits nuclear explosions
Chernobyl nuclear accident

Brave New World (1945-1961)   Back
UN formed
Truman Doctrine challenges Soviet expansion
NATO established
Soviet crush Hungarian uprising
Berlin Wall built

BoomTime (1945-1973)   Back
Levittown founded
Marshall Plan initiated
First credit card issued in U.S.
European Economic Community founded
Disneyland opens

Skin Deep (1945-1994)   Back
Apartheid established in South Africa
"Brown v. Board of Education" decision mandates U.S. school desegregation
Civil Rights Act adopted in U.S.
Uprising in Soweto, South Africa
Mandela elected in South Africa's first free elections

Freedom Now (1947-1990)   Back
India gains independence
Vietnam gains independence
Suez Canal crisis
Ghana gains independence
North and South Vietnam reunited as one country
Namibia, Africa's last colony, gains independence

Living Longer (1944-1996)   Back
World Health Organization established
Salk announces polio vaccine
Global eradication of smallpox declared
HIV identified

Asia Rising (1951-1988)   Back
Allied military occupation of Japan ends
South Korea's first 5-Year Plan for economic reform begins
1.5 million Japanese cars sold in U.S. -- half of the auto import market
Japan becomes world's top lender

Guerrilla Wars (1956-1989)   Back
North Vietnamese take Dien Bien Phu
Castro overthrows Batista in Cuba
U.S. enters Vietnam War
U.S. withdraws from Vietnam
Soviet troops enter Afghanistan

Endangered Planet (1959-1990)   Back
Mercury poisoning found in Minamata, Japan
"Silent Spring" published
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created
Residents' severe health problems linked to Love Canal, N.Y., chemical dump
Toxic gas leak from insecticide plant in Bhopal, India

Young Blood (1950-1975)   Back
Berkeley Free Speech Movement gains momentum
March on Pentagon to protest Vietnam War
Paris police and protestors clash
Woodstock music festival

God Fights Back (1978-1992)   Back
Shah of Iran declares martial law
Islamic militants take hostages at U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran
Jerry Falwell forms Moral Majority
Pat Robertson runs for U.S. President

People Power (1971-1991)   Back
Polish strikes inspire Solidarity movement
Gorbachev introduces glasnost and perestroika
Berlin Wall torn down
Soviet Union dissolved

Fast Forward (1980-1997)   Back
Cold War ends; nationalism on the rise
War begins in former Yugoslavia
World Trade Organization ratified
Estimated world population:6.2 billion

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