Premiered Tuesday, July 25

Episode 2

Joel will go anywhere to add another rare species to the Photo Ark. He travels to Spain to photograph the Iberian lynx, once the rarest cat in the world. He gets a rare look inside a breeding center that teaches lynx how to hunt their main food source: rabbits.

But scientists working in China might be too late in saving the Yangtze giant softshell turtle. With only three left in the world, Joel witnesses an attempt to artificially inseminate the last known female and keep this species from going extinct.

Joel hates hiking, but in Cameroon, he has the opportunity to glimpse the Cross River gorilla in the wild. Little is known about the rarest great ape in the world and he gets close enough to nap in its nest. But the highlight of the trek is extracting beetles from cow dung – because every creature counts in the Photo Ark.

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Animals and Locations Featured


Dung Beetle

Scientific NameCopris complexus

Limbe Wildlife Centre
Limbe, Cameroon

Cross River Gorilla

Scientific NameGorilla gorilla diehli

Madrid Zoo
Madrid, Spain

European Wisent

Scientific NameBison bonasus

European Mink

Scientific NameMustela lutreola

Iberian Lynx

Scientific NameLynx pardinus

Père David's Deer

Scientific NameElaphurus davidianus

Spanish Imperial Eagle

Scientific NameAquila adalberti

Suzhou Zoo
Suzhou, China

South China Tiger

Scientific NamePanthera tigris amoyensis

Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle

Scientific NameRafetus swinhoei

Tulsa Zoo
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Straw-Colored Fruit Bat

Scientific NameEidolon helvum