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Andrea Blunck Frost


Doyle New York
New York, NY
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Andrea Blunck Frost, a Senior Vice President of Doyle New York, joined the firm in 1995. She is the Director of European Furniture and Decorations, and is responsible for organizing three auctions each year of Important 17th- and 18th-century English and Continental Furniture and Decorations. She has particular expertise in English and Continental porcelain, and she has lectured on this subject both in New York and around the country.

Ms. Frost was born in Germany and received her secondary schooling in the United States and Switzerland. Ms. Frost worked for six years for Jacob Stodel, a leading international antiques dealer with offices in London and Amsterdam. After a period of travel through Asia, Ms. Frost moved to Washington, DC, where she was appointed the Director of English and Continental Furniture and Decorations at the auction house, Adam A. Weschler and Sons. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art History at Hamilton College, and later entered a Master's program in the History of Art at the University of London.