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Andrew Holter


New York, NY
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Andrew Holter, senior specialist, joined the American Furniture & Decorative Arts department at Christie’s New York in January 2009. For the previous five years, Mr. Holter was the director of business development and auctioneer at Dawson & Nye, one of New Jersey’s premiere regional auction houses. Prior to his time at Dawson & Nye, Mr. Holter served as the assistant vice president of the American Furniture and Decorative Arts department at Sotheby’s. He was actively involved in several landmark sales such as the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jeffords, the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Lammot DuPont Copeland, and Selections from Israel Sack, Inc.

He is also a contributing member to Winterthur Museum, Colonial Williamsburg, and The National Trust for Historic Preservation. Mr. Holter is a graduate of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.