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David Rago


Rago Arts & Auction Center
Lambertville, NJ
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David Rago has been a specialist in American and European 20th-century decorative arts and furnishings for 35 years. A leading dealer in the field of American arts and crafts, he is the founder of the Rago Arts and Auction Center, one of the country's principal specialty auction houses. He is the author of over 500 magazine and newspaper articles and author of five books on the subject, including his most recent two works, The Arts and Crafts Collector's Guide, for Peregrine-Smith; and the Official Price Guide to American Arts and Crafts, for Random House. He is the publisher of two nationally distributed magazines, one focusing on the Arts and Crafts Period (Style: 1900) and the other on Modernist design (Modernism). Rago lectures in his specialty at major conferences across the United States and holds 20 auctions at the Rago Arts and Auction Center throughout the season.