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Gary R. Sullivan


Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc
Canton, MA
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Gary R. Sullivan has passionately pursued the world of antiques since the age of 10 and now is a nationally recognized authority on early American clocks with over 30 years experience in the antiques business. As president of his Sharon, Massachusetts-based business, Gary R. Sullivan Antiques Inc., he specializes in American antique furniture from the Queen Anne through Classical periods, with particular emphasis on important American clocks.

Beginning as a self-taught antique-furniture restorer, his early career was principally devoted to the restoration of furniture and clocks, which quickly transitioned into buying and selling antiques. This experience with furniture restoration provided him with an excellent working knowledge of early furniture-making methods and construction techniques, which has proven invaluable for authenticating antique furniture.

Today, Mr. Sullivan works with private individuals to assemble collections of fine authenticated American antique furniture and clocks. He is frequently called upon by institutions, auction houses, antiques dealers, and collectors to appraise, authenticate, and catalogue early American clocks. In addition to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, Mr. Sullivan has shared his expertise in ongoing guest television appearances on the PBS shows Find! and, most recently, The New Yankee Workshop. He has also lectured on early American clocks and has contributed to books and scholarly research on that subject.

He is currently co-authoring a Winterthur-sponsored book entitled Harbor and Home: the Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts, 1710-1850. The focus of his study concentrates on those clockmakers from this region, including: John Bailey, Calvin Bailey, and John Bailey Jr. from Hanover; Joshua Wilder and Rueben Tower from Hingham; Stephen Taber and Josiah Wood from New Bedford; as well as Joseph Gooding, Alanson Gooding, Allen Kelley, Ezra Kelley, Samuel Rogers, and David Studley.

Mr. Sullivan continues to document and catalogue pre-1830 New England clocks for his ongoing research database. Clockmakers of particular interest include not only the acclaimed Simon and Aaron Willard, but other important makers such as Gawen Brown, William Claggett, Caleb Wheaton, William Cummens, David Wood, Lemuel Curtis, David Williams, and Elnathan Taber. Pertinent contributions to this research are welcome. To date Gary has compiled over 10,000 examples of documented American clocks from this period. A more complete listing of those clockmakers of interest can be found on his Web site.