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J. Michael Flanigan


J. M. Flanigan American Antiques
Baltimore, MD
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J. Michael Flanigan is a Baltimore native who has been in the antiques business since 1976. He spent the years 1977-1984 at the firm of J. W. Berry and Son. While there he had the chance to examine and repair some of the finest examples of American antique furniture in both private and public collections. From 1984-1987 he was administrator of the Kaufman Americana Foundation and oversaw the exhibition of the Kaufman collection at the National Gallery of Art and wrote the accompanying catalogue. This is the only time the National Gallery has ever exhibited a private collection of American decorative arts. Since then he has been a private dealer in American antiques. In 1996 he began appearing on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and has been on the show ever since. In addition to appearances on ROADSHOW, he has lectured throughout the country and written extensively for publications such as Antiques Roadshow Insider on the subject of antiques, their values and conservation, and the changing nature of collecting in America