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Marybeth Keene


Marybeth Keene has been active in the field of American antiques for almost 30 years and is a noted expert on antique textiles as well as 18th- and 19th-century furniture and folk art. Marybeth has a degree in chemistry from Loyola University, which she uses to accurately interpret the surfaces of antique furniture. She is frequently sought out to consult with collectors on forming personalized collections and interiors. Her most recent and notable commercial design projects include rooms in the Charles Hussey House and the Starbuck-Kilvert House both in Nantucket, Massachusetts as well as the Van Vleck Farmhouse in Woodbury, Connecticut. Currently Marybeth is working on a model show house for Benson-Woods, a new community-living project located in Middlebury, Connecticut.

Marybeth is a frequent lecturer and actively involved in a variety of organizations in her field. She is a past president of the Woodbury Antiques Dealer's Association and a past trustee for the Connecticut Historical Society. Marybeth is currently a member of the Friends of the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and life-member of the Woodbury Historical Society. She is on the board at the Historical Glebe House museum in Woodbury, Connecticut, as well as the Bellamy-Ferriday House, a property owned by the Antiquarian and Landmarks Society. In addition, Marybeth has served for the last 10 years as the chairman of corporate fundraising for the Nantucket Historical Association's Annual Antiques Show, serves on the Winter Antiques Show Dealers Committee and is also co-chairman of the Vetting Committee for this prestigious show.