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Simeon Lipman


New York, NY
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Simeon is a lifelong pop culture, film, music, art, history and sports enthusiast, who has been appraising collections, curating auctions and exhibitions, and coordinating culturally relevant events for the past 20 years.

It’s with much enjoyment and enthusiasm that Simeon continues to draw on his experience and expertise to help people and institutions who wish to learn more about their own collections, and who require assistance with collection acquisition or placement. Among his notable curated events was the groundbreaking Punk Sale held at Christie’s Auction House in New York City, 2008. This event celebrated the Punk aesthetic; its cultural significance as both an historic music genre and a valid and extremely influential art movement with its distinct attitude, design and ephemera.

Other recent sales have included The Vader Project at Freeman's Auction House in July, 2010, as well as sales featuring Street Art and Designer Toys.